Be sure read and agree with the statements before using and posting information of

How to find what you want

There are a couple of ways to find the talent teachers you are looking for

  • Search the who site:

There is a search box on the right side of every page for you to search the whole site.

  •  Search by categories

There is dropdown menu on the right side of the screen for you to select

  • Search by tags

 by Press the TAGS on the right side to narrow down what you need

  • Search by Location
    • From the LOCATIONS page, you can see the map with different icons represent different categories. Hover your mouse on an icon to see see name, press an icon to see description, and use the link on description for more details.
    • You will also see a list on the right side of the map and TAGS above the lists.  Press tags to select categories you’d like to see.
    • Above the TAGS, you will see the two search boxes: enter key word in left box and location in the right box to narrow down your search.
  • Search by Directory

Go to directory page, browse the list to find your target.

How to contact teachers/studios

In general we do not list the email address on the site for below reasons:

The reason I do not prefer to put users’ email address directly on the site is
  • It is a source of spam.  The automation program can easily grab your email and send you junk mail automatically.
  • When a stranger sends email to you, your email provide’s junk email filter will act and likely to send these emails to junk folder so you may miss them.
  • All email sent through forms has “SD Talents” on subject and easy for you to spot them or filter them.

You can contact teachers/studios etc. by these ways:

  • Email address listed.
  • Click “Contact Me” button to go to profile page of the teacher, and send message from there.
  • Go to directory list, find one you want to contact and send message.
  • Using “Contact Us” Form, we will forward your requests ASAP.

How to get listed

All teacher/studio/school/symphony or any other kinds of talent teaching/show related are welcomed to join us.

There are two ways to get listed:

  1. Using front end form to post your information by yourself. Once registered, go to Member-> My Posts and Create a new Post, or click here. Be sure read and agree with the statements. (PS: Currently can not add profile photo to the post. please use the work around for now: Go to your account and upload profile photo there (150 pixel x 150 pixel).  Send support a message and we will add it for you.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.)
  2. please send below information to , we can post for you.
  • Name, location, contact info(at least email), website if available
  • Brief introduction
  • Detail introduction
  • A photo you want to use, better in square bigger than 150×150 pixels.
  • If you want to post pictures, you can create an account, and follow below steps to create album and upload pictures.


  • Only members can upload photo
  • Go to “Member->Upload Images”, login or register is needed
  • After login, you will see your default gallery. Each subscriber will be assigned a default gallery using your login name.  You can change this default name by clicking “Edit albumin” on the cover of your album.
  • You can also create new sub-album under your root gallery by clicking “Create Album” on the cover of your album.
  •  You can now upload photos by clicking “Upload Photo” in the album you want to upload to.
  • After uploading photos, send an email to support to tell us where you want to publish the photo, such Art, Dance or Music. We will publish your photo accordingly in showroom.


This feature is still under testing, sometimes it will get into error. So try use below tips when uploading photos.

  1. try to resize the photo to smaller than 1920×1200
  2. try to upload photo first, and edit photo description after photo has been uploaded.
  3. Chrome browser works better.