San Diego Talentshub

San diegoSan Diego is a major city in California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

In beautiful San Diego, there are so many talented boys and girls who fall in love with all kinds of activities, such as music, art and dancing. To make their talents grow up, they need help on finding suitable teachers, they need platforms to communicate with others, and platforms to showoff themselves.

Thus the “Talents hub” jumped into my mind – it is a hub to gather all the information they need to backup their talents.

We have and will talk to all the teachers we know, will know, and studios and schools, to get their permissions and supports, and show all the San Deigen the best we have, accurate and in details.

Since there are so many teachers, studios, symphonies and schools in San Diego, it is impossible to put them all in a normal website. We decided to make this site a blog-like site. We will add information one by one as posts, and show people the best we have.

Here you can see information of teachers/studios/symphonies/schools/, and related events, performances, recitals etc..

Please help us to increase our database by recommending teachers/studios/schools/symphonies/group you know to help us increase our database.

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 San Diego Talets Hub